cara TRIOS intraoral scanner

The cara TRIOS oral scanner generates precise digital impressions in just 3-5 minutes. The result can be checked immediately, corrected or sent as an order for further processing to your preferred laboratory.

  • Follow a digital impression-taking procedure using the cara TRIOS intraoral scanner in a dental practice.

    Faster. More precise. Powder-free.

    The new generation of intraoral scanners

    • Extreme precision
    • Impression checking on the virtual plaster model
    • High level of patient comfort

The benefits of the cara TRIOS intraoral scanner

Fast digital impressions

The cara TRIOS oral scanner quickly generates a digital impression of the upper and lower jaw and performs bite registration. The scanner can be used immediately thanks to its removable autoclavable mouthpiece. Patient preparation such as the application of powder or spray is no longer required.

Using the cara Meeting Point software, the digital order can be sent to your preferred laboratory with just a single click.

Highest precision

With the cara TRIOS intraoral scanner, impression errors are eliminated, without the need to maintain scan paths or angles. Thanks to ultra fast optical sectioning, the oral scanner delivers maximum-precision data, even scanning acrylics, metals, soft tissue, bone and implants without any powder.

Technical specifications

cara TRIOS

Intraoralscan yes
Scan field 17 x 20 mm
Scan volume Scan accuracy 17 x 20 x 18 mm <20 µm
Integrated PC Ja
Scan time approx. 10 minutes
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Immediately verifiable results

The scanned data is shown in real-time and in 3D on the terminal of the intraoral scanner. This allows the result to be verified immediately and selective corrections to be carried out if required in a matter of seconds – conveniently and efficiently, within a single session.

Maximum patient comfort

Thanks to the narrow mouthpiece of the intraoral scanner, pharyngeal reflex or fear of choking are no longer an issue. The scan can even be interrupted and continued later without any difficulty.

cara TRIOS intraoral scanner: indications

The cara TRIOS intraoral scanner can be used to capture the oral cavity as well as all existing restorations. Even soft tissue and metal surfaces can be scanned easily without the application of powder or contrast agent.

Indications include:

  • Inlay
  • Onlay
  • Partial crowns
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Endo-crowns
  • Veneers
  • Telescopes / primary components

Technical background

Order sheet from cara Meeting Point

cara Meeting Point software

The   cara Meeting Point software supports data exchange between the practice and the laboratory. The Practice Client preinstalled on the intraoral scanner guides the user through order creation, scanning and order dispatch in four steps. Collaboration can take place with one or more laboratories.

In the laboratory, the Lab Client guides the user through data receipt, fabrication and dispatch in four steps. The order processing status can be viewed at any time.

With ultra fast optical sectioning an LED projects a light pattern onto the tooth surface and generates 3D models based on the images.

Ultrafast optical sectioning

Ultrafast optical sectioning

The ultrafast optical sectioning technology allows dentists to scan the details they see with the naked eye or using a mirror. This technology is based on a combination of "structured light" and "optical sectioning".

Laser technology is not used. Instead a light pattern is projected onto the tooth surface using an LED. The images created in this way are then converted into 3D models.

In this way, reflections cannot be detected by the system. Powder and sprays are no longer required.